Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These Are The Top Traffic Methods I use.

I am going to expose my traffic methods here for all of you to see and use to achieve your own success online. Anyone can do this.

This is what I did to make my first $1000+ Day

I helped by answering discussions questions daily on the warrior forum with a link in my signature so people can check out the product I am promoting. I sent out 1 solo ad 100 clicks for around $40 bucks or so. I created one free wso with a software product I had created before with a OTO for the front end funnel product I was promoting. I also got a top banner spot on the WF for 1 day.

Total Spent on traffic was:

1 solo ad: $40

1 free wso: $40

1 top banner WF ad for 1 day: $100

total spent was $180

commissions generated:

Front end $42 (x2)

$1200 (1) high ticket product sold

total profit was $1102 after amount spent is deducted.

this is essentially all I did. Most marketers will not give all this info but I like helping people out so there you go! :)



These Are The Top Traffic Methods I use.

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