Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Seven Ways to Bring in Massive Traffic to Your Blog

In this article I will compile the most effective and recent ways of bring on massive traffic to your blog that are recommended by blog experts. Massive traffic is essential for anyone carrying out an online business.

The more the traffic to your website the more the income you expect to earn. This is because many people are visiting your website to do things like purchasing products, collect information or even subscribing to services offered where they have to pay for the service hence making you earn a living from the money you get online.

This therefore emphasizes the need to know the ways towards creating and maintaining traffic be it to your blog or to your website or even to your website via your blog.

1. Eye catching profile.

The first step in bringing massive traffic to your blog is by developing a comprehensive and eye catching profile. Many people will be attracted to your blog because of the profile information they get to read when they first visit your blog, this therefore means that with a well-established profile expect a higher traffic in your blog of both new and returning readers.

2. Using social media.

In addition, social media has off late been the meeting point of many individuals, this include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and others. To bring traffic to your blog, sharpen your marketing skills using the social media platform. You can achieve this by using the available online tools which publish automatic social media links in your blog posts that can enable readers share the blog post to their social media pages where their followers or friends will get to read the post and eventually form new visitors to your blog hence an increase in traffic.

3. Contests and Promotions.

Contests and promotions are things which have been statistically proven to have the ability of attracting the attention of many people. As the owner of a blog, be creative enough to come up with interesting competitions and have small rewards for the winners. The contest can be inform of questions, puzzles etc. This can seem expensive but with time you will be able to benefit from the increased traffic towards your blog.

4. Blogging current information.

To bring on massive traffic to your blog, learn to publish current information and also share current content from other internet sources. It is well known that information is power and this means that many online users when they come across an interesting headline about any lifestyle issue say music, education or health matters they will be forced to click into your blog to read more on the same. This means anyone who needs to attract more blog traffic must have new information and interesting new posts.

5. Proper timing.

Timing is also a critical issue in driving traffic to your blog. If say you make a post of an ongoing event when people are asleep, are you going to get any blog hits? The answer is definitely no. ensure that your posts are done when people have the time to be online and not when they are asleep or busy at work.

6. Using online technology.

Use some of the new online technology currently developed for example the Google plus page which to some extent act as blogs on their own. The advantage of this is its ability of being compatible with many online sites without necessarily changing anything or tweaking any settings. It will put you at a higher chance of having an increased traffic base to your blog for example in the instance of linking your blog with Google plus.

7. Using RSS Feed.

Finally, setting up and RSS feed button for your blog will also make it get more traffic because it will make it easy for your loyal readers to not only read your blog but also know whenever you publish any new content to your blog.

In conclusion, seven ways to bring in massive traffic to your blog briefly mentioned above will give you great results if followed correctly. It is indeed great joy to any owner of a blog who gets an increased number of people following your blog.

Seven Ways to Bring in Massive Traffic to Your Blog

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