Friday, August 9, 2013

How Marketers can make profit from the new Gmail Tabs feature

Marketers can benefit from the new Gmail Tabs feature to a great deal. The new Gmail tabs which is the most recent upgrade of Googles email service is a feature that automatically sorts all emails to different buckets/ tabs. The three tabs that are included by default are promotions, social and primary. The different tabs if used well can bring a lot of profits to an online organization. It is important to note that Google has also provided the ability to create custom tabs and assign email addresses to this tabs.

The Promotions Gmail tab for instance can be used by organizations in carrying out advertisement campaigns of the products they offer. The emails are going to face fewer contemporaries meaning that there will be less chance of wholesome deletion due to a messy pileup. In the long run this will create a high chance of attracting the attention of the Gmail users. The promotional emails when sorted out into this tab will give a higher chance for the user to check out the emails unlike in the old fashioned single inbox tab. This tab can thus be used for marketing because it becomes more effective as emails are sorted out automatically. Marketers will benefit more in this tab since it virtually creates a container for all their marketing email campaigns.

Marketers can also benefit from the new Social Gmail Tab. They can market their products by post pictures of their products and send them as emails which are linked to social sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. The tabs are independent so when and individual logs into their Gmail accounts they can see the tab which is placed on top and also the number of unread emails contained in the social tab. This gives a person more concentration when reading the emails because they are of one type. Marketers can take this to their advantage by sending the social emails and rest assured that readers will give them maximum attention. With the new social tab marketing emails will go unnoticed by the users of Gmail.

The new Updates Gmail tab does the work of holding confirmations, receipts, statements and bills. It can be useful in that it helps marketers deliver their bills, statements and receipts on goods purchased. The fact that it is a separate tab ensures that the user will pay up all the money owed earlier thus the more the profits to the marketers. The updates tab also holds newsletters and blog subscriptions. With the newsletters marketers can include information concerning their products which will ensure that more people get to know their goods and services and eventually become their customers.

Lastly, the new Forum Gmail tab is also another important burst in the business sector. It holds mail from online groups, discussion boards and mailing lists. Marketers here can create forums about new and existing products and send emails to their mailing lists. Marketers can easily make a lot of profit from this because the feedback they get form for example the online groups will make them improve their products and service delivery hence remaining competitive in the market.

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How Marketers can make profit from the new Gmail Tabs feature

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