Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Great Techniques for Building Your Blog Authority

Having an authoritative blog is important for a number of reasons. First of all, if people see you and your content as being some of the best in your particular niche, you can build a personal brand that can help you establish yourself — and make a lot of money — for a long time to come. Having a high authority can also help you in the search engine rankings and can provide you with the top spot that you have been so desperately looking for. Luckily, these 3 great techniques for building your blog authority can help you build your blog authority in no time.

1. Make Sure Your Content is Always Top-Notch

Content really is king when it comes to the Internet, especially if you want to both look good to search engines and bring in readers who will actually enjoy or learn from what you have to say. This means that your content should be some of the most authoritative content in your niche that can be found on the World Wide Web. So, make sure you know your niche very well. Research it until you feel like you can’t read or research any more, then get back to work on researching tomorrow. When writing your content, make sure that it is well-written, neat, punchy, accurate and free of grammatical or spelling errors. Also, try approaching the subjects in your niche in a new and exciting way that others haven’t done yet. Lastly, make sure that you never, ever post plagiarized or duplicate content on your site, no matter what.

2. Use Other Forms of Media

People love reading on the Internet, but they also love things like pictures and videos. If you create videos talking about an important topic related to your niche or showing someone how to do something, you will surely be seen as an authority in your field of choice. However, make sure that your video actually means something, isn’t too long or boring and is as accurate and helpful as possible. It’s also important to look at things like what you are wearing and your hairstyle; remember, some people do look at such things, and you want to make sure that you look like a true expert in your field. You can use pictures as well on sites like Instagram to communicate your content to a wide variety of people. Use pictures that are funny or creative and they can go viral really quickly bringing more visitors and eyeballs to your website. You can even create a press release. Press releases get syndicated across a wide range of other websites and can be picked up by Google and other search engines bringing even more exposure to your content.

3. Get Back-Up From Other Authorities in Your Niche

Although you might see the other authorities in your niche as some sort of competition, you should instead consider becoming allies with them. Having another authority write a guest post is a great way to share a new perspective and to bring in traffic at the same time, and gaining links from other authorities can increase your page rank while also bringing in plenty of natural traffic. Also, if you can be associated with people who readers know and trust in your field, they will be more likely to trust you.

Remember that it can take time to build up an authority blog, but following these 3 great techniques for building your blog authority can give you a great start and can help point you in the right direction.

3 Great Techniques for Building Your Blog Authority

7 Deadly Mistakes That Could Cripple Your Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization is very important to maintain online visibility. Making the following 7 deadly mistakes could cripple your search engine rankings.


1. Duplicate Content – Although you probably already know this, it is worth mentioning again just in case. Having duplicate content on your site is a sure-fire way to kill your search engine rankings, so make sure that every bit of content that you add to your site is completely unique and original. The problem with having duplicate content is that all those pieces of content will compete against each other for ranking so in the end you are just creating unnecessary competition for yourself and your content will not rank as well.


2. Poor Quality Content – In the past, a lot of people used spinning software or paid poor-quality writers to create the content for their websites, but this is a horrible idea. Since search engine algorithms have changed, the major search engines have made it so that this type of content won’t rank high. Instead, it is important to pour your heart and soul into your content or to hire a competent writer to write it for you, and you should make sure that it is useful, informative and free of spelling and grammar errors.


3. Keyword Stuffing – Although keyword stuffing did work for many a long time ago, it is a horrible idea now. The search engine spiders will be able to tell that you stuffed your website or blog with keywords and you will then be penalized for it. So, use keywords sparingly and in the right places instead of just stuffing them onto your page as many times as possible.


4. Not Making the Most of Your Links – When linking to various internal pages on your site or blog, it is always a good idea to use keywords in your link text or sometimes known as anchor text. Anchor text is the keyword you are linking back to your content with. This is a simple way to get the most out of your keywords — and your SEO campaign — without stuffing the keywords too many times.


5. Poor Quality Backlinks – Backlinks can help you bring in a lot of traffic and can boost your search engine rankings exponentially, but only if they are valuable ones. When creating backlinks for your site, work hard to build a few really good, strong backlinks instead of making as many as you possibly can. Poor quality backlinks can actually destroy your search engine rankings.  As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to get the backlink the lower quality it is and the harder it is to get that backlink the better quality it is. For example, a press release backlink is much better than a forum signature backlink.


6. Frames – Although frames were very popular in the early 2000s, they are a death wish for your SEO nowadays. Instead of using frames just look for a clean theme that is well arranged and not crowded. A site that is crowded with ads everywhere will not be very good for your website visitors and it will not be SEO-friendly. So as a general rule of thumb your site should be sleek and easy to use as well as easy to navigate.


7. Tag your images with your keywords – Whenever you upload an image to your website you should use the keywords that you are trying to rank for in Google as the file names of those pictures. That means before uploading it to your site rename the images with the keywords you are targeting and then upload it to your site to use on your webpage this will help deliver better rankings for your site.


Avoid these 7 deadly mistakes and see your search engine rankings improve. Moreover, regardless of the changes search engines make they will always keep these components in mind so it’s a good idea to have these items tuned right.

7 Deadly Mistakes That Could Cripple Your Search Engine Rankings

Monday, September 9, 2013

10 tips to engage visitors on your blog

Blogging has become one of the main channels of making money today. One of the most challenging aspects of a blog is getting visitors. Many people will employ various methods that are painstakingly long to build a blog that has presence only to be unable to maintain the same presence. It is obvious that the longer your visitors stay around when it comes to blogging , the more likely they are to turn into some real customers. This is a domino effect you will want for your blog. There is no point in looking for bloggers that you can’t maintain. Here are 10 tips to engage visitors on your blog.

1. Keep it fresh

Happy readers make happy customers. You may not have to do a post every day for this to happen but twice a week will do the trick. Keep the post simple and entertaining for them. The ploy here is to get them to comment and ask questions. Sometimes you will need them to raise disputes on the same so be clever!

2. Stand out

People will always love information. This does not mean writing about strange things people know nothing about. The topic has to be popular but news for them. This takes a good writer to do. Standing out in the midst of a topic like weight loss is not easy which means some good research and writing skills are needful.

3. Invite comments and follow up

One of the ways of getting the readers to participate is by telling them they can by giving an invite. An open ending will make them want to say something about the topic. You will have to follow up their posters and answer them and where possible cleverly pose more questions once they begin commenting. Acknowledging the other bloggers answering the same will also earn you some really good friends.

4. Feature other bloggers

Bloggers that are authorities in the area you are interested in are a major way to keep the rest of the readers interested. People will stay where there is influence and what you need is people with influence. Ask other bloggers to write on your blog about the topic of interest and have the rest of the readers follow.

5. Motivation

Realistic giveaways and contests will earn you some real following. You can post that whoever signs up will get a free newsletter or a giveaway coupon. The best way to keep people engaged is provide incentives to do so. In as much as they will not be on your blog for gifts, they will know and feel that you care about what you are doing.

6. Ad selection

It is okay to add some ads on your blog. You also need to be careful what you add since the same can run over your agenda for the site. Bloggers do not want a site laden with pop ups and flashing screens of sales ads. The simpler and closer to home it is the better.

7. Clean design

As reiterated above, too much flash can be a buzz kill for visitors. In as much as you can come up with an impressive blog with music and all the interesting animations you can think about, it will be a major turn off for anyone seriously looking for information.

8. Don’t be random

You need to stick to a topic and be an authority in it. Do not talk about more than one thing and even if a blogger does it, find ways to bring the point home. If you have more than one product you need to push, create a different blog for each and specialize.

9. Solve issues

Bloggers will want gossip, issues and stories for the purpose of keeping interest. They will also want answers and facts at the end of the day. You will need to be sure of your content before posting it. The moment you lose command when it comes to solving issues, you lose people.

10. Visual aid

Ensure that you have pictures and videos of your products for the readers to have a good picture of what you do and are selling. These embedded in articles work magic.

It is clear that a fusion of all these tips will produce for you the kind of blog you want. Unlike many other pieces offering a number of options, this suggest you use all the tips given for a successful presence.

10 tips to engage visitors on your blog

Friday, September 6, 2013

These 5 Internet Marketers Show the Best Way to Build Wealth Online

Building wealth online can be a challenge especially if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why it is important to see the end from the beginning. Taking a look at what others have done to be successful and then replicating their results by taking the actions they took is much more effective by blindly winging it and ensures success. So the following article covers what some of the top internet marketers have done to be successful online.

Alex Jeffrey – Alex Jeffrey started out like all new marketers struggling online until he invested in a coach and one of his coaches was Mike Filsaime. From the time that he invested in a coach he started seeing success online. He created some very popular eBooks of which one is called the “Gurus Nightmare” and it sold very well. Alex went from there to creating more products and his own personal blogs which was also highly successful. He then went on to build several successful coaching programs which he still maintains to this day. Alex believes the best way to build wealth is to build membership sites where you can leverage the recurring income and the idea of working once and getting paid for life is an amazing business model.

Dean Holland – Dean Holland, a prodigy of Alex Jeffreys mentorship program, is in his own light one of the most inspiring internet marketers. This guy has a really incredible story. When he started out online he was $60,000 in debt and failed miserably at everything before he got himself a coach and is now making over six figures online. Once he got a coach he created his own blog and a couple of info products and then went on to creating coaching opportunities and membership sites just like his mentor Alex Jeffrey. Dean Holland believes that the best way to build wealth online is to create a high converting funnel and then focus on driving traffic to those funnels. I believe so much in Dean Holland that I paid for his high converting funnel which he is selling as a franchise. This guy not only talks the talk but he also walks the walk.

Frank Kern – Well everyone knows Frank Kern right? This guy has been online for a long time and I first came across him shortly after I started out online. Frank Kern has made millions online and you are not an internet marketer until you know this guy. He believes the best way to build wealth online is to create a highly responsive list and focus on delivering value to them and promoting offers that will help them. He came out with a really popular product called “List Control” that basically teaches marketers the ins and outs of building a highly successive and responsive list and making a ton of money in the process.

Russ Ruffino – This guy is one of my favorite marketers of all time. I first came in contact with him through one of his first products “Video Firestorm”. That product was highly successful generating a profit of over $38,000. Russ like others started out struggling online but then focused all his energy on making his internet dream a reality. Needless to say, he is now working IM full time and has been able to quit his bartending job. His latest product was called “Money Tree” where he teaches internet marketers how to launch a successful WSO or product on Clickbank and how to drive traffic to that product. Russ believes that launching a WSO and having a high converting backend offer is one of the greatest ways to build wealth online. Because of this guy I was able to launch my first successful WSO and I have never looked back since.

Mike Filsaime – Wow, where do I even begin with this guy. You might know him from products such as Butterfly marketing but needless to say Mike Filsaime is a guru to the guru’s. He has mentored highly successful internet marketers like Alex Jeffrey. He is a highly successful internet marketer and focuses his business on creating software for internet marketers. Some of the software you are probably using right now comes from this guy. Mike believes selling software is the best way to build wealth online and he also believes in creating membership sites.

These 5 Internet Marketers Show the Best Way to Build Wealth Online

Why a Franchise Business Model Trumps Starting Your Business from Scratch

Over 97% of people fail at creating a successful internet income. That’s a whooping figure because that means that a majority of people that are going to go online to make a living or even earn some additional income just to get by will fail. A sad reality to say the least, because in this present time of economic hardships most people will turn to online marketing to supplement their finances. The following article will suggest an alternative to combat this massive failure rate.

I think the biggest challenge for most people that try and supplement their income by going online is not knowing what to do. Worst part is so called “Gurus” are misleading these internet newbies. They try and portray an image of fast cars and sexy beaches with hot girls in swim suits but this is not even close to the reality for most online marketers. Heck, most of the gurus themselves only pretend to live this lifestyle. Now don’t get me wrong, there are people in internet marketing that are crushing it online but I find the ones that are actually making big things happen online don’t brag about it. As I mentioned most people just don’t know what to do when it comes to making money online. I see this same people day in and day out on the forums that I visit buying product after product trying to find that golden nugget that will open the doors to online riches. Sadly, like the carrot in front of the donkey with every product they purchase they are farther away from the carrot. Moreover, after buying and trying so many different methods that yield no results they often end up more in debt than when they started out and eventually quit. So what’s the solution?

Well, the first solution I would suggest is getting an online coach but most online coaches are pretty pricey. So the next best thing is looking into purchasing an online franchise. According to the FactSet Research Systems (FDS) 91.8% of franchises succeed. That’s a staggering success rate compared to the 97% failure rate of new businesses. Looking at this figure it makes perfect sense to go for the franchise business model rather than starting from scratch. If you can take a proven business model, with proven products, and proven systems to sell those products then you are way more likely to see success. So licensing a proven business model, with proven products and proven systems to sell those products for you is a winning plan.

If you wanted to franchise a Mc Donalds’ in the UK it would cost you between 125,000 to 325,000 Gold pounds and then they would want 10-15% of your annual sales. You are paying for a massive success rate because they know their brand will work for you. However, buying an online franchise is a more cost effective solution. Online business franchises don’t cost that much and most of them don’t charge you a monthly fee either. So whereas in brick and mortar businesses the franchise cost will leave you broke with online business franchises you are able to still have money left over to feed the family and with a proven business model it wouldn’t be long until you see profits. Usually with these models the sales funnel is already setup for you with the products all in place and all you have to do is drive traffic to the offer. I would say that when you are doing your research on available franchises to buy you should ask the owner what traffic training they have because what use is having the best product if no one sees it.

Why a Franchise Business Model Trumps Starting Your Business from Scratch

Is SEO Dead?

Internet marketers worldwide are now becoming aware that the factors that enabled them to rank very high in the old days are now pretty much obsolete. Gone are the days where you could take a 5 page website, throw some backlinks at it, and watch as it hits the first page of Google. Now things are different and to stay afloat marketers will have to employ new strategies and tactics otherwise they will sink in this highly competitive times. So what does Google look for now when deciding where to rank your website?

The first thing the Big G looks for is brand awareness. When you are launching your online campaign you need to position yourself in a way that you are building your brand. What do I mean by this? Firstly, when you setup your website set it up with a domain name that reflects your brand. Rather than targeting keywords like “lose weight fast” marketers or information providers should rather target a brand like “weight loss success” or “weight loss for you” which is more brandable. Another aspect of being more brandable is creating a Google Plus and Facebook account centralized around your brand. Google looks at social signals when determining where to rank you and if you don’t have those social signals in place then they will not rank you very high or worse they might think you are just a spammer who is out to make a quick buck.

Social signals play a huge part on the future of SEO and Google looks at social signals to determine your popularity and authority in the subject matter that your website is about. For example, a lot of people commenting and engaging on your website shows google that people acutally care about what you are talking about. Basically, it tells Google to pay attention to you because you really matter. You can also create a linkedIN profile for your company further strengthening the social signal indicator. What about backlinks, do they still matter?

Backlinks still do matter and for the most part still count as votes of popularity but with the release of the PANDA update backlinks from spammy sites will actually hurt your rankings. Alongside this update Google released its Disavow tool which allows you to clean up spammy links to your site. In their own words…“If you believe your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site. You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site. Simply disavowing them isn’t enough.”

While these types of links can harm your sites the links that Google still loves to see are press release links. The nature of Press Releases is that they have a viral nature causing one submitted PR to result in multiple thousands of links if picked up by the right sources. I know PRweb offers a pretty good syndication for $19 bucks and because of the places they submit your press release to it gets picked up and heavily distributed. This chain effect results in high value backlinks to your site, the links that Google loves. SEO will always focus on relevancy, value of links, brand authority and popularity, and content. Doing things right takes more effort than doing things quickly but the end result is that doing things right will pay off a heck of a lot more in the end.

Is SEO Dead?

7 Tips to Harvest Social Media Traffic to Your Blog

Social media has become increasingly important for anyone who has an interest in setting a business. The unique ability of the social media to grow your business tremendously cannot be over emphasized. This is why most people grapple with the million dollar question of how to “make the social media work for you. As it turns out, increasing the level of traffic at your blog is easier said than done. This article is going to provide you with 7tips to harvest social media traffic to your blog. The techniques will be insightful and will come in handy just in case you are wondering how to use the social media to your advantage.This article will discuss 7 tips to harvest social media traffic to your blog.

The Significance of Quality Content

The importance of the quality of the content on your blog cannot be underestimated. The content on your blog also has to be unique. Indeed, this is the surest way to increase search engine traffic to your blog without much hassle. High quality content also guarantees that long term advantages accrue to your blog. The availability of high quality content work on any blog will ultimately force guests to come back again. They will just not get enough of what is in your blog.

The Importance of a Domain Name

The essence of a suitable domain name cannot be underestimated. When one chooses a memorable name, everything else will work for them. Visitors will always remember the site and then come back again. However, one should consider various factors in choosing a suitable domain name. First and foremost, the name ought to be short. Short names are easier to remember in comparison to longer ones. The key word that one uses for the social media content has to be relevant. This is a surefire in increasing the amount of traffic at your blog.

The Need to Publish Useful Content

Publishing useful content on your website will go a long way in ensuring that you have repeated visitors on your site. The magic of useful content is that it creates a consumer base of loyal visitors to your site. The visitors will be fascinated by the new content they find on your blog each and every time they visit. Indeed, there will be a motivation for them to call on your site. This will increase the amount of income that you receive from your blog.

The Need to Make It Easy For Visitors of the Blog

Those who have mastered the nuts and bolts of social media marketing understand the significance making work easier for visitors of your site. Some of the ways through which blog owners can use is the Rich sites summary. In essence, this means that some website based services increase the possibility that your site will be visited. This includes Google reader and My Yahoo.

The Magic of Social Networking Sites

The various social networking sites operating today will definitely offer a lifetime opportunity for those seeking to increase the traffic to their blogs. Some of the leading social media networks include Facebook and Twitter. For instance, a facebook fanpage can come in handy in increasing traffic to your blog.The social networking sites are a game changer and probably the most important among the 7 tips to harvest social media traffic to your blog.

The Power of a Thoughtful Comment

The use of a thoughtful comment on your blog will inspire an interest in readers and hence increase the traffic. The surest way to achieve this objective is by engaging users in a respectful manner. The comment that one puts in their website should always be valuable. Those who read your comment will almost certainly visit your blog.

Eliminating Broken Links

Search engines do not like broken links. Thus, owners of blogs should avoid them at all costs. When one clicks at a broken link on their blog, they are usually redirected to the 404 error page. This is a complete turn off that blog owners should avoid at all costs.

In summation, any blogger who effectively implements the 7tips to harvest social media traffic to your blog will experience a remarkable increase in the amount of traffic. Increased traffic is necessary for any kind of business to thrive on the contemporary social media circles.

7 Tips to Harvest Social Media Traffic to Your Blog