Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Disable the New Gmail Tabs Feature

Internet Marketers everywhere are upset because of the recent changes that Gmail has made to include the new tabs feature which I think its pretty stupid because it can cause you to miss emails that you are actually looking forward to.

Because of this new change when you email subscribers on your list usually those emails end up in the promotions bucket even the name itself connotates that it should not be read unless the person has time because it is a promotion which may not necessary be the case because If I send an email showing you how to post a youtube video that is not a promotion but a helpful articles.

Anyways marketers here’s a tip to work around this.

On your next mailing send this to your subscribers to disable this feature.

Here’s how to disable Gmail tabs.

  1. Go to the Settings box in the upper 
right hand corner of your inbox and 
choose Settings.

  2. Click on the “Configure InBox” tab, then 
unselect all the categories except 
Primary and then click the ” SAVE’ tab below.

That’s all.

Once they do this they will receive all their emails like how Gmail used to work.

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How To Disable the New Gmail Tabs Feature

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