Friday, August 9, 2013

How to drive traffic to your website with Google Plus

How to drive traffic to one’s website with Google Plus has become a major issue in the business world. The fact is that this is possible. Google plus  is a social network and also an identity service which is an integration of various Google services including Gmail, Google search and the Google Profile. This has made it one of the largest social network in the world. Google plus is nowadays rated besides Facebook and Twitter due to its popularity. Just like through Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus can also be used to drive traffic to an individual’s commercial or business website.

One of the major ways to drive traffic to your website is by setting up an attractive Google plus profile. This will encourage users to link up with you because they know more about you unlike when no profile has been created. Whether the profile is one for your actual business or yours as the owner of the online business it must be attractive. Learn to put eye-catching pictures of what you are offering in your website with direct links embedded on the pictures. This will make sure that one gets to your site by simply clicking on the picture. It is a known fact that many people are attracted by eye satisfying pictures. As for the online business Google Plus profile it is ideal that the appropriate words which talks more about the business are put in the profile. They should describe the product and services being offered by the organization thus acting as a marketing strategy. Make sure also clickable links are created which lead to the official website for online users to easily access it.

Learn to share content and information which is related to your website through Google Plus such as posts. The posts should have keyword which have hyperlinks to the URL of your website.  Sharing such information will most likely encourage people to visit your site thus increasing your traffic. Ensure to work tirelessly popularizing your web page with new and interesting posts every working day just like blogging. This is because old content will eventually become archaic and lead to disinterest among the people in your contact lists such as circles and those following you. If you practice this correctly you will eventually attract more and more traffic to your website.

Posting at the right time and frequency is also another strategy to ensure that you attract more traffic. You need to determine the targeted traffic and do the posting accordingly with basis on their time zones. The right time is usually during weekends when people have the time to go online. Ensure you use the most attractive and captivating words on the first sentence of your posts. Always be innovative and use the much used social media feature known as the hash tag (example #my website) to make your posts more interesting thus increasing your traffic.

In conclusion, in order to drive traffic to your website you must consider the above tips. Another helpful tip is to set an attractive cover page with some information of what your website contains. You can also set a profile picture that either displays some content of your website in the case of a company Google Plus page or your own professional picture which must have a trustable and professional picture of you. Be sure to smile in order to display your confidence in your pictures. All this tips will help increase your website’s traffic.

How to drive traffic to your website with Google Plus

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