Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Attract Visitors to Your Website with YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular Google product. It is generally a video sharing website but one can use it for much more for example marketing products and services. YouTube can also be used in attracting visitors to a website. This is in fact very much possible because research has it that good quality online videos attracts a lot of visitors to one’s website. If you need to attract more visitors to your website, then by using a combination of watchable and readable content in YouTube you will achieve your full potential. Recently online videos have starting to gain more use than written materials advertising because the online versions normally express the messages better and more efficiently. Below are some tips to get you up and going with YouTube.

The initial stage in using YouTube to attract visitors to your site is having the information on how to establish a YouTube channel. Using the recent one channel layout will make your marketing work across all screens enabling showing out more of the content. Learn to create an attractive channel icon which will act like a profile picture. It should possess the main theme of your channel thus attracting the relevant people to watch the videos you will post. Include clickable links of your social websites and your own web pages in the descriptions of the videos to enhance the number of visitors to your websites.

To attract visitors to your website practice posting new videos on YouTube. Sharing your business or products using video content can be comfortably done using your YouTube channel. When online users watch your content they will eventually directly or indirectly bring traffic to you website. People will also visit your other social sites making it the best strategy to attract traffic especially to a commercial website. However, this can only be achieved if you include relevant links in your videos and the description part of your video.

In addition, you should create regular content and in a consistent manner. If you update your channel with new and interesting content, you will be directly keeping it alive and active hence increasing its presence in YouTube. Upload your videos as frequent as possible and ensure the right content is in the relevant place and order for the consumption of your audience.

To Attract Visitors to Your Website with YouTube, you can also use annotations which are text overlays in your videos. They can be put over the videos and help in layering text in order to give the video full of interactivity and engagement. Ensure that the annotations you use are moderate because if you overuse them, they can turn away viewers and reduce the overall viewing rate. Learn to personalize the different aspects of annotation including size, color, type, design etc.

Featuring the uploaded video in other social sites like Facebook after posting on YouTube is also another strategy of attracting more visitors. Featuring will ensure you get views from both YouTube and your other sites thus increasing the number of viewers and in the long run bring more traffic to your website. Ranking of videos is a popular activity in YouTube, you therefore need to remain vigil to know your rank. If you get top rates then be assured that you will gain popularity. Remember to include your sites URL in the videos. The advantage of this is that after people watch it they can make some follow up and finally bring traffic to your website.

To conclude, how to attracting visitors to your website with YouTube is as easy as 1 + 1 so long as you have the right information. It is your duty to follow the above tips if you wish to succeed in this endeavor. In the end you will have more traffic to your website which will be signified by more returns in terms of capital.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Website with YouTube

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