Friday, September 6, 2013

These 5 Internet Marketers Show the Best Way to Build Wealth Online

Building wealth online can be a challenge especially if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why it is important to see the end from the beginning. Taking a look at what others have done to be successful and then replicating their results by taking the actions they took is much more effective by blindly winging it and ensures success. So the following article covers what some of the top internet marketers have done to be successful online.

Alex Jeffrey – Alex Jeffrey started out like all new marketers struggling online until he invested in a coach and one of his coaches was Mike Filsaime. From the time that he invested in a coach he started seeing success online. He created some very popular eBooks of which one is called the “Gurus Nightmare” and it sold very well. Alex went from there to creating more products and his own personal blogs which was also highly successful. He then went on to build several successful coaching programs which he still maintains to this day. Alex believes the best way to build wealth is to build membership sites where you can leverage the recurring income and the idea of working once and getting paid for life is an amazing business model.

Dean Holland – Dean Holland, a prodigy of Alex Jeffreys mentorship program, is in his own light one of the most inspiring internet marketers. This guy has a really incredible story. When he started out online he was $60,000 in debt and failed miserably at everything before he got himself a coach and is now making over six figures online. Once he got a coach he created his own blog and a couple of info products and then went on to creating coaching opportunities and membership sites just like his mentor Alex Jeffrey. Dean Holland believes that the best way to build wealth online is to create a high converting funnel and then focus on driving traffic to those funnels. I believe so much in Dean Holland that I paid for his high converting funnel which he is selling as a franchise. This guy not only talks the talk but he also walks the walk.

Frank Kern – Well everyone knows Frank Kern right? This guy has been online for a long time and I first came across him shortly after I started out online. Frank Kern has made millions online and you are not an internet marketer until you know this guy. He believes the best way to build wealth online is to create a highly responsive list and focus on delivering value to them and promoting offers that will help them. He came out with a really popular product called “List Control” that basically teaches marketers the ins and outs of building a highly successive and responsive list and making a ton of money in the process.

Russ Ruffino – This guy is one of my favorite marketers of all time. I first came in contact with him through one of his first products “Video Firestorm”. That product was highly successful generating a profit of over $38,000. Russ like others started out struggling online but then focused all his energy on making his internet dream a reality. Needless to say, he is now working IM full time and has been able to quit his bartending job. His latest product was called “Money Tree” where he teaches internet marketers how to launch a successful WSO or product on Clickbank and how to drive traffic to that product. Russ believes that launching a WSO and having a high converting backend offer is one of the greatest ways to build wealth online. Because of this guy I was able to launch my first successful WSO and I have never looked back since.

Mike Filsaime – Wow, where do I even begin with this guy. You might know him from products such as Butterfly marketing but needless to say Mike Filsaime is a guru to the guru’s. He has mentored highly successful internet marketers like Alex Jeffrey. He is a highly successful internet marketer and focuses his business on creating software for internet marketers. Some of the software you are probably using right now comes from this guy. Mike believes selling software is the best way to build wealth online and he also believes in creating membership sites.

These 5 Internet Marketers Show the Best Way to Build Wealth Online

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