Monday, September 9, 2013

10 tips to engage visitors on your blog

Blogging has become one of the main channels of making money today. One of the most challenging aspects of a blog is getting visitors. Many people will employ various methods that are painstakingly long to build a blog that has presence only to be unable to maintain the same presence. It is obvious that the longer your visitors stay around when it comes to blogging , the more likely they are to turn into some real customers. This is a domino effect you will want for your blog. There is no point in looking for bloggers that you can’t maintain. Here are 10 tips to engage visitors on your blog.

1. Keep it fresh

Happy readers make happy customers. You may not have to do a post every day for this to happen but twice a week will do the trick. Keep the post simple and entertaining for them. The ploy here is to get them to comment and ask questions. Sometimes you will need them to raise disputes on the same so be clever!

2. Stand out

People will always love information. This does not mean writing about strange things people know nothing about. The topic has to be popular but news for them. This takes a good writer to do. Standing out in the midst of a topic like weight loss is not easy which means some good research and writing skills are needful.

3. Invite comments and follow up

One of the ways of getting the readers to participate is by telling them they can by giving an invite. An open ending will make them want to say something about the topic. You will have to follow up their posters and answer them and where possible cleverly pose more questions once they begin commenting. Acknowledging the other bloggers answering the same will also earn you some really good friends.

4. Feature other bloggers

Bloggers that are authorities in the area you are interested in are a major way to keep the rest of the readers interested. People will stay where there is influence and what you need is people with influence. Ask other bloggers to write on your blog about the topic of interest and have the rest of the readers follow.

5. Motivation

Realistic giveaways and contests will earn you some real following. You can post that whoever signs up will get a free newsletter or a giveaway coupon. The best way to keep people engaged is provide incentives to do so. In as much as they will not be on your blog for gifts, they will know and feel that you care about what you are doing.

6. Ad selection

It is okay to add some ads on your blog. You also need to be careful what you add since the same can run over your agenda for the site. Bloggers do not want a site laden with pop ups and flashing screens of sales ads. The simpler and closer to home it is the better.

7. Clean design

As reiterated above, too much flash can be a buzz kill for visitors. In as much as you can come up with an impressive blog with music and all the interesting animations you can think about, it will be a major turn off for anyone seriously looking for information.

8. Don’t be random

You need to stick to a topic and be an authority in it. Do not talk about more than one thing and even if a blogger does it, find ways to bring the point home. If you have more than one product you need to push, create a different blog for each and specialize.

9. Solve issues

Bloggers will want gossip, issues and stories for the purpose of keeping interest. They will also want answers and facts at the end of the day. You will need to be sure of your content before posting it. The moment you lose command when it comes to solving issues, you lose people.

10. Visual aid

Ensure that you have pictures and videos of your products for the readers to have a good picture of what you do and are selling. These embedded in articles work magic.

It is clear that a fusion of all these tips will produce for you the kind of blog you want. Unlike many other pieces offering a number of options, this suggest you use all the tips given for a successful presence.

10 tips to engage visitors on your blog

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