Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Great Techniques for Building Your Blog Authority

Having an authoritative blog is important for a number of reasons. First of all, if people see you and your content as being some of the best in your particular niche, you can build a personal brand that can help you establish yourself — and make a lot of money — for a long time to come. Having a high authority can also help you in the search engine rankings and can provide you with the top spot that you have been so desperately looking for. Luckily, these 3 great techniques for building your blog authority can help you build your blog authority in no time.

1. Make Sure Your Content is Always Top-Notch

Content really is king when it comes to the Internet, especially if you want to both look good to search engines and bring in readers who will actually enjoy or learn from what you have to say. This means that your content should be some of the most authoritative content in your niche that can be found on the World Wide Web. So, make sure you know your niche very well. Research it until you feel like you can’t read or research any more, then get back to work on researching tomorrow. When writing your content, make sure that it is well-written, neat, punchy, accurate and free of grammatical or spelling errors. Also, try approaching the subjects in your niche in a new and exciting way that others haven’t done yet. Lastly, make sure that you never, ever post plagiarized or duplicate content on your site, no matter what.

2. Use Other Forms of Media

People love reading on the Internet, but they also love things like pictures and videos. If you create videos talking about an important topic related to your niche or showing someone how to do something, you will surely be seen as an authority in your field of choice. However, make sure that your video actually means something, isn’t too long or boring and is as accurate and helpful as possible. It’s also important to look at things like what you are wearing and your hairstyle; remember, some people do look at such things, and you want to make sure that you look like a true expert in your field. You can use pictures as well on sites like Instagram to communicate your content to a wide variety of people. Use pictures that are funny or creative and they can go viral really quickly bringing more visitors and eyeballs to your website. You can even create a press release. Press releases get syndicated across a wide range of other websites and can be picked up by Google and other search engines bringing even more exposure to your content.

3. Get Back-Up From Other Authorities in Your Niche

Although you might see the other authorities in your niche as some sort of competition, you should instead consider becoming allies with them. Having another authority write a guest post is a great way to share a new perspective and to bring in traffic at the same time, and gaining links from other authorities can increase your page rank while also bringing in plenty of natural traffic. Also, if you can be associated with people who readers know and trust in your field, they will be more likely to trust you.

Remember that it can take time to build up an authority blog, but following these 3 great techniques for building your blog authority can give you a great start and can help point you in the right direction.

3 Great Techniques for Building Your Blog Authority

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