Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tips on How to Increase Blog Traffic with Twitter


how to increase blog traffic with twitterHow to increase blog traffic with twitter as one of the most popular social media website needs a critical glance. Many people are using twitter as an online marketing tool for their businesses and products which mostly requires minimal expenses or even free! Most bloggers nowadays use the social media to bring increased traffic to their main blogging websites. As a serious blogger it is essential to learn how to apply this strategy in twitter.

Blog traffic increase can be achieved by increasing your social media marketing skills. One way of doing that is feeding your blogs content and even URL to your twitter profile. Learn to use online tools which will automatically publish links of your blog posts to tweeter for example twitterfeed. Your twitter profile’s setting is used to achieve this configuration and enables it to work more efficiently with a blog.

Publishing comments and tweets on related topics in other twitter account and including your blog’s URL can be applied because curious readers will always follow the URL to get more content. The URL will enable readers to quickly click through and read more of the information you have published. Include also some sharing links for people to facilitate easy sharing of blog posts on their twitter profiles by including social media share buttons. The most commonly used is the twitter retweet button which is normally incorporated in blog pages.

Running contests on your blog can increase traffic when you promote the contests through your twitter handle. This contests can be simple quizzes with which you give out small prizes and awards. Good awards and prizes will make your twitter followers pay increased attention to it with others taking part. The end result is the fact that they will be frequent visitors to your website or blog enabling them to re-tweet about the contest and in the background unknowingly promoting your online marketing campaign.

Increase blog traffic on the social site also needs building you’re following to ensure that many individuals are following you. Invite people to follow you or even buy followers from service providers and encourage them to re-tweet on the posts you make. Learn to publish interesting, eye catching tweets and post them continuously to maintain your followers and attract even more.

Traffic wordpress increase can be achieved by increasing your page views. You can achieve that by creating an interesting and informative pillar content which will bring more readers to your website and blog. It should contain all round information of great value with many tips on how to handle the question at hand efficiently. Add a side map which is an index of your website to help your blog readers. Display it in a logical order to increase search engine compatibility.

Learning to tweet your blog posts with accompanying URLs at the right time is an essential social bookmarking strategy. Tweet at a time when many people are on twitter and this will increase your chances of getting more traffic to your blog. Tweet the most important information that you are sure will attract attention of users on Friday evenings and weekends as this is the time when many people are not busy and have more time to be in twitter unlike during working days.

To Increase blog traffic with twitter is very crucial and if properly applied increases your social media marketing skills to a large extent. People should learn how to make sure they know how to properly use twitter for driving traffic to their blog posts and even to their own websites.


How to increase blog traffic with twitter


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